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'Celebrating Life and Love'

Phillip Marshall

First of all congratulations on your engagement! How about an engagement photo session? It is a great way to create images that will forever remind you of this special time in your lives together. The time when you took a step beyond just being boyfriend and girlfriend.

When it comes to engagement photography, we work with you to select a location that has meaning to you. Some of the locations that we have used are pictured here - Alex and Nick's favorite comic book store, Courtney and Luke's horse ranch, a park where Amy and Mike liked to run, the Texas Capitol for Amanda and Cameron (he was to be deployed after their wedding) and the UT campus where Kat and Ben went to school.

Where is your favorite spot? Let's go there and take some pictures! Engagement sessions are up to 2 hours in length and can be taken at multiple locations. We will have a lot of fun and create some fantastic images together!